CCP Brochures

I now have brochures! It contains all the prices for every little thing I offer.
Coffee table books, gallery canvas wrap portraits, photo bookmarks, photo stickers, metallic images, DvD slideshows and more. Call and come over to get one. There is so much to offer you. Not all the items in the brochures are on the website, so you might want to have one.
I am also working with a lady to get photo necklaces. The artist has been featured on HGTV, which is where I found her. I'm very excited!



Anonymous cas said...

hey...what about something like that "logo" (design) that you have for your brochures for your t-shirts?? like maybe off to the side...stretched out (like almost the length of the shirt)...does that make sense??? if not i'll explain later

3:47 PM  

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