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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad and Ben! The best dads we could have ever asked for :)

Ben and Benson this year 2009
Ben and Benson June 08
Benson says thanks daddy for everything. For all the wrestling and for making me laugh and for holding me when I'm hurt and for hugging me just because. You are the best.---Benson



Craft Time

I'm always looking for some cool craft project to do in my spare time (which isn't often).
I came across this cool little post on Design Sponge and wanted to share with all you crafty photographers out there. I actually have one that Ginger Ivey made me for Christmas. Enjoy this lovely Saturday.

Off to working on albums. It's a crazy job, but someone has to do it :)



True photographers

Today I had the honor of shooting family pictures for the talented Brianna Saban. More to show tomorrow. It's sleepy time for Critty.

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Haleigh Howe. Bridals More!

Umm hello gorgeous!
Strikingly gorgeous
phenomenally gorgeous
hello hot mama
True Haleigh right here. This is what Caleb does for her all the time-Keeps her laughing and full of joy.


Haleigh HOWE. bridal Sneaky (snake) Peak

I wanted to post at least one for now of Haleigh from her bridal session. Off to work on albums and then a fun photo shoot for a sweet photographer from Albuquerque, Nm-Mrs. Brianna Saban and her family.

Haleigh you look stunning!!



Linsdie and Garrett. Part Two

Gorgeous dress taken in the Methodist church parlor
RED shoes on a real zebra had the mane and all.
Stunning couple
Garrett chatting on the phone before their first look.And this is HER first look at herself. I think she's satisfied! Go get 'em tiger :)
I LOVE this shot. Everything about it. The symmetry, the ledge, the colors...
I think Lindsie is so so gorgeous! I mean just look at her already.
Again...beautiful. I think Garrett's groomsmen (his cousin) is giving a wink at you Lindsie...hahahha
And a stunning groom


Peace O Cake

Last Saturday my mom and I headed over to Peace O Cake to check it out for the first time. It is a cute shop tucked in next to Balloons by the Bunch on 34th St. They have five different cupcakes daily and each week they are different.
We enjoyed the black and white, Italian Creme, and Confetti cupcakes. I can't wait to go back and try some more flavors.
If you are in Lubbock go and check them out if you haven't yet. They even have cute t-shirts!
Visit there website here.



Dodge Ball Anyone?

Haleigh and Caleb's team picture from this weekends wedding...



Lindsie and Garrett. Married!

Lindsie said she always wanted a fun love story, but didn't think she'd actually get it.
Neither Garrett nor Lindsie were looking for anyone at the time. They were both doing their own thing, in their own life. Until her mom wanted to set her up on a blind date with a friend her co-worker knew. The blind date however consisted of Lindsie, her mom and dad, Garrett, and the co-worker and her husband. Who knew being set up on a blind date with your parents could lead to your future spouse?
After hitting it off quite well at lunch, the remainder part of her Thanksgiving holiday she was spending with family, now became time spend with Garrett.
She says, "I fell quickly and hard, head-over-heels for this amazing man who superseded my expectations and most importantly loves God with all his mind, heart, soul and strength. "
[Insert tears here]
Is that not the sweetest thing! Oh but wait, because when I read what Garrett had to say about her after the few days they spent together, it again tugged at my heart.
"When she left me standing in the driveway that Saturday, the feeling in my heart confirmed what I already knew…my life would never be the same. I had all but given up on finding the girl of my dreams, and then God places her in my life and exceeds all my wildest dreams and expectations.
Yes, yes they are truly THIS in love. If not even more so each day they spend with each other I am certain.

The best part about this day...was when Garrett kept looking at her and finally said, "every time I look at you, you take my breath away". He was like a little kid in a candy shop when he saw her for the first time. So giddy he could hardly contain himself.

As he prays for the two of them, she listens intensely to her soon-to-be husband talking to God.
As we were taking the guys pictures, Garrett hears the ice cream man and wanted to do some pictures with him and the truck. One of his groomsmen sipped up on some superman juice and sprinted over to the ice cream truck to wave him down.
I when the wedding party has no fear!
And the girls...oh so beautiful. Who do ya think caught it?
Beautiful rings, but nasty smelling dill plant. I had to wash my hands after this.

Disclaimer: Cristy Cross Photography cannot be responsible for all the lovey dovey pictures that were captured on the day of Lindsie and Garrett's wedding. They did this all on their own without any instructions. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

Thank you Lindsie and Garrett for a wonderful wedding that was so sweet and centered around God's love. You two rock!