I am starting a monthly "Spotlights on You." I have the first one for the month of March, but I want you to nominate someone you know who is a high school student to be on my spotlight. This could be someone who has touched your life, or is simply an outstanding guy or gal. Please write in a 200 minimum essay of why you think this person deserves to have the spotlight on them. I'm doing the first one, so that means I too have to write a minimum of 200 words. These students are so deserving and I want to share their "excellentness" with others.
For those who are chosen for the spotlight, you will receive a free session with me. The session is for the spotlight person only.
(If the nominee is a senior that has already booked sessions with me, they will receive a free 8x10 instead.)
Please send all written essays to Include the students name, age and grade.
Who do you know that deserves to have the spotlight on them?


Anonymous cas said...

i have a perfect pick...i just need to figure out what i'm going to write about her...hmmm....

2:22 PM  

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