I had so much fun with this senior girl. She came from Roswell for the afternoon for her senior pictures. We went to new places too! It was so much fun, because I feel like I haven't been to new locations in a while. She was fun and very bubbly, and making my job so much fun.
This is how she was most of the time-laughing.
I couldn't decide on the coloring for these last two images, so I posted both.
This one has a contrast boost and...

Contrast reduction, with a tea stain look from Kevin Kubota (opacity used on the action)
I was trying to make it look kind of like the images in the Anthropologie catalogs.

Please leave a comment below of your favorites or questions of techniques I used.
By the way, have I mentioned I've been using my gold reflector on every session lately and it really makes a difference. If you don't have a gold reflector or you don't use yours, you really should. It makes the subject and overall image pop!
All of these pics were taken either with the 24mm 1.4 or the 50mm 1.2

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Blogger Ramie Babcock said...

Fabulous work! I like both of the images--the colors are great in both. I know what you mean about the Anthropologie shots--sometimes I think they are a little flat, but I guess that's what they are going for! How's that belly?!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Amy Blackburn Photography said...

I like the first edit. The colors really say 'cristy cross' to me, but the 2nd one is good too.. nevermind. I can't pick either... This is why I love and hate photoshop. Too many options. Good stuff! I love stalking your blog!

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your work cristy! I was just wondering if you would mind sharing your lighting secret with us. Do you bring a source of light with you other than you on camera flash and if so, what is it?

6:19 PM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

Of course I don't mind! On all of these images, I used natural lighting with a gold reflector. I think the top pic I used a white filler which is on the other side of the gold reflector. I sometimes use my 580 flash on the camera body, but anytime I do that I try and create the fashion look. I hope that helps. If there is a specifice pic you are curious about let me know!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man what a pretty girl!!
Haha..I had so much fun with you when we took these. I love them, and I am so pleased! They are gorgeous, and I don't mean me!
You're fantastic...


12:49 PM  
Blogger SarahRachel said...

She's such a natural beauty and you captured her perfectly. I prefer the one with the brighter colors of the two but I think the last one is really interesting to look at, too.

5:28 AM  
Blogger EPack said...

This girl looks just like a model. I love the way she take's picture's ! What a Doll! And Cristy you Rock!!!!

7:19 PM  
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