I was excited Chandler's mom asked me to take his senior pictures. Our parents are close friends and we've known each other ever since he was in elementary. They drove down from Lubbock for his senior pictures and I gave him a little tour of lovely Clovis. We visited the Yucca Jr. High bleachers, a cool bus, the post office loading dock, and the bus station. These are the high lights of Clovis...not really. Clovis has way more to offer than you realize when you are driving through on the main roads. Too bad all the "passer-by" drivers don't see the heart of lovely Clovis.

Can you guess where Chandler is sitting in these first two pictures?

Did you guess the underneath part on a traveling bus where they drain the toilet? Yup, that's right. Way to go Chandler. Not to mention he is six foot something and scrunched himself inside this tiny space.

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Blogger Lauren Zaffos Photography said...

Goodness girl, I can't stop commenting! I like the "fun framed" second to last shot too!! It looks like a stock photo for like, oh, something commercial for the beach. Ha! Great choice of words huh? :)

11:09 PM  

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