Ryan Chilson

Before I became a portrait photographer I had always enjoyed photographing signs. I still love taking pictures of signs but instead of them being by themselves, I've decided to add people to them, like the garage shots of Ryan. Ryan and I were co-leaders at a youth camp. He is a DJ and needed some photos for promotional stuff. We worked in his turn table for a few shots and some of his other DJ gear. He made it easy on me because I didn't have to tell him what to do or not to do. That is what I love about the style of photography I want to achieve-showing the subjects true identity with me not having to say a word. His sister Alaena came along too and helped out. She is my new friend I met through our church. It was fun to have her there. We searched for sceneries downtown in Albq and found some awesome places. We also went to the Petroleum Club and took some shots in the lobby. We met Ed the security guard in the parking garage, which was one of my favorite places and I love the green trim windows from the beginning of the shoot. Ryan is a rock climber too so he just jumped up on the ledge and I took pictures. I'll add his link as soon as I get it. These are a few favorites.


Anonymous Ben Cross said...

I can't believe how awesome these photos are. You are getting really good!! I am so proud of you! I really like the ones with Ryan at the railroad tracks and on the leather couch. Very cool!

7:19 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Wonderful Christi...those are so fabulous! Can't wait to shoot with you in Clovis!!! You ROCK!!!

8:18 PM  
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