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So I am busy getting my template finished and trying to figure out how to word my biography. I get more and more excited as I get closer to being finished with my website. I am learning a bit of the website language with HTML and FTP stuff. But don't ask me to explain it to you. I can only go as far as teaching myself and I'm not sure I am doing that correctly. Also, I am saving up for a new lens (70-200mm IS). We had a garage sale and sold a bunch of stuff and the money we earned is going towards camera equipment. My goal is to save up for each piece of equipment. The one thing I don't want to do is go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff and then have to pay it off later. Although I do have a list and its getting longer, but thats the fun part- wishing for it. And one day my list will have check marks by each item.
I leave soon to go to the lake for a "Fine Family Reunion" (Fine is my grandma's family name) with my dads side of the family. We go every summer in July to Lake Buchanan in Tx. It is an hour outside of Fredricksburg,TX. Last year my mom, Ben and I took a day off from the lake and went to Fredricksburg. I love that town. It is old, but kept up and has a great deal of character. The old buildings are still there with knew businesses and they even have a Five and Dime store. My favorite was the ice cream shop that looked like a saloon with red leather bar stool tops and an awesome selection of crazy hats and crazy sunglasses. (Like the sunglasses on the movie "Manequin" that Hollywood would wear.) We put a few on and took some pictures. Or maybe I should say I did. My mom and Ben both just watched and took the pictures of me. So I am excited about the trip but sad because Ben won't be coming. He is studying for the BAR and will be taking it July25-26 and then we move July27. I will be gone from July13-July24. And then come back and leave again. Our dogs however will be attending the lake trip. Chevy,our lab-border collie mix, which we call her a collidor, loves the lake. We even have a life jacket for her incase she gets a little exhausted. And her mom Callie, my younger brothers dog will be there too and they love to swim together and chase tennis balls. The little dog, Bailey just loves to explore and love on people-she is there to socialize. My grandma went to this lake with her family when she was younger. So this is a near and dear trip to all of us. My older brother is coming in from California to go on the trip and I haven't seen him in almost a year. So I'm looking forward to it. And if you've read this far, thanks- I appreciate it!
When I get back, we will only be in Albq for a few more days and then we head off to our new adventure. I can't wait for us to finally be settled in our new home in Clovis. We have finished almost all the painting and majority of our things are moved in already. I painted one of the walls in our dining room purple. I've never done that color before and I really like it . The lower half of the kitchen is red. And it is so fun! I'll make sure to take some pictures to share.

Also just to let you know- don't be afraid to leave comments on the blog. I love to read and see what people have to say. Have a blessed day!


Blogger Toni said...

"So I'm looking forward to it. And if you've read this far, thanks- I appreciate it!"

You are so funny...have a great time at the lake. Call me when you get back and we can discuss details for aug! Thanks

2:02 PM  
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