"I love the pics on your blog with the signs, the ones in Florida with the Flumes/Bridge, the ones of the baby's feet, I love love love the action photos of the girl running, the one of you at Ernest Hemmingway's steps. All these are great!" -Mercedes

"I went back to your blog looking for Hoffmantown camp photos, and saw the newer ones with Alaena’s workout stuff… you truly are very talented! Maybe one day we’ll sit down and I’ll teach you whatever you wanna know about websites and you can teach me a few tricks with photography!"-Matt M.

"I was browsing through Matt & Meg’s pictures of Kate and just had to tell you that you do the most BEAUTIFUL work!!! I was blown away – it is so fabulous!"-Stacey

"The pictures are awesome! We are loving them, and it's been a blast showing them to the family. You have an exceptional gift. You have been so gracious and generous in sharing your gift with us. We are grateful!" -Matt and Meg W.

"Just wanted to let you know that I think you are really talented. Thanks for including me into your creativity!"-Shannon

"Your business cards look AWESOME!!! They are absolutely incredible... so you and so breathtaking. I just love them."-Adrienne

"I love your blog and photos and can't wait to see your website!"-Suzanne

"What can I say? Your pictures are absolutely beyond belief in the talent you show. I feel like I know these people's personalities from your portrayals! When I have a baby one day, I cannot wait for you to come photograph him/her!!! :o) Man, I only wish you lived closer!! Keep up the fantastic work, you are stunning."-Julie

"your pictures are gorgeous!"-Matt T.

"I LOVE looking at your blog Cristy! It makes for such a nice break during the work day!"-Kristina

"Your pictures are awesome! I love the serious one of Bre against the red background. I wish we could have one more baby, just so you could take maternity pics! You do a great job of paying attention to what's in the background- the pic of the Feng little girl is amazing!"-Tanya

"The pictures of Meg and Matt look awesome! Tell Meg she looks beautiful!"-Laura

"Loved your blog. It was great, and you did such an excellent job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE matt and megs pictures. They are absolutely beautiful."-Breanna

"LOVED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!"-Brenda

"Your pictures are absolutely OUTSTANDING. I love your website, you have done an amazing job. I also love the picture of yourself, I think it expresses who you are so well. You are such a gifted photographer, you capture faces so well! I think my favorites so far are the ones of the Feng little girl close up and the one of the maternity girl with the flowing shawl behind her. You are amazing - rock on!"-Julie

I just want to say thank you to all of you. I couldn't have done it without the support you give me. --Cristy


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