First Senior of the Season

What a beautiful girl. I was really excited about this session. It was the first senior of the season for me and it was a great first. Kalee and her mom and sister came along and were awesome help. They held the reflector boards for me and "popped" Kalee when I needed some extra light. We started off at a friends house that has a gorqeous backyard. Then we went downtown. We pulled up to our next location and saw a leather couch sitting in front of a furniture store. We got permission to use it and they even moved it for us in the alley. It was perfect. And they ended up being my all time favorite images of Kalee. She also carries this awesome purse that I thought I would share with you. The designer is Betty Johnson. Isn't that a great purse? These are only a few favorites. I couldn't put them all on here or I'd be at the computer forever. Enjoy.


Anonymous Myrna said...

I love your work. You do a great job! You're my favorite photograher!

M. S. Weaver

7:52 PM  

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