I have been slacking on posting sessions. I have many coffee table books, and senior announcement cards I'm working on and trying to get out. Also, including DVD slideshows and regular client orders. It is hard for me to post and do all the other stuff. I promise I will post from my sessions, it may take a while though.
For now, here is a "Fine Art" image to share with you.
I love taking pictures of old signs and now, old cars. I have tons of old sign images that I'd like to post and start up a "Fine Art" section on the blog.
This was taken on one of my senior sessions. It is for sale on the Clovis Hwy if anyone is interested.

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Blogger kristinbednarz said...

Isn't it crazy how busy Spring gets? And blogging only takes a bit, but we have so many "bits" to do!

No worries...but I will say this, SLIDESHOWS take tons of time and folks that are you clients reading this? Praise her BIG when you get one! They are time consuming and heart pouring!

Sending energy your way, Cristy!

12:09 PM  

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