I had two sessions with Whitney in one week and wow did we get some awesome shots. These are some of my most favorites shots from her senior session. I love my job! I mean how could I not when I have great models like this cutie. She new how to strike a pose and give me that awesome stare. She has a beautiful smile too. I had a crazy hard time finding which ones I wanted to put up on the blog to share too.
Thanks Whitney for two awesome sessions and thanks to Amanda, one of my senior ambassadors for coming along and being my "popper" girl. I can't tell you what a difference it makes with the reflector, especially the gold side.
taken with 50mm 1.2 lens, using natural lighting and gold reflector-thanks to my assistant Amanda.
taken with 24 mm lens, using 580 speedlite on camera
24mm lens, natural light, no reflector
50 mm lens, gold reflector and natural light
50mm and 580 speedlite
50mm lens at 1.2 to get that cool lookin, background faded shot.
24mm, gold reflector, natural light
50mm natural light, no reflector

And leave me a comment below for this Rockin Chick!

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Blogger Lauren Zaffos Photography said...

Wow. These are awesome Cristy! I love the first one with her in the car/truck. The gold reflector gives a wonderful effect.

I love the effects from the 50 mm @ 1.2 on her as well. She is such a beautiful girl:) I just purchased that lense and can't seem to take it off my camera!

Great job as usual!

11:52 AM  
Blogger stephanie davis said...

wow!!! looks like you have been busy,great images!! i am selling my business to stay home with My Kate more! i am going to just do weddings!! scary but I miss my little girl!!!

10:47 PM  
Anonymous whitney rae ! said...

Cristy, your pretty much amazing haha ! I love them so much. Thanks for everything !

7:01 PM  
Blogger SarahRachel said...

These are phenomenal! I can't stop looking at them. That gold reflector is AMAZING! You can really tell a difference.

5:31 AM  
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