OOhhh look what I got!

My birthday is May 15Th and coming up soon, and I am turning 27!! Wow I can't believe it. I feel like I am in a different world imagining that I am in my late 20s. Man time sure does fly. I still feel like I'm 21. Any woo, I wanted to share with you what Ben got me for one of my birthday gifts. I am also scheduled for a massage the day of my birthday too. Oh I can't wait!
Thanks sweet BEN.

I lloooovvve Anthropologie. What girl doesn't that knows about it. I am super dooper excited and have already been looking, but I want to spend my money wisely. There are so many cute things to get. There is going to be a bunch of thinking to do on this lovely purchase.
And don't you just love there gift cards. Their whole packaging is awesome. If you haven't ever ordered anything online with them, you should just for the packaging.
Check Anthropologie out



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