Anjelica and Allison-Part2

I finally found time to finish this anxiously belated post. So, these girls, wearing skirts, swarmed through the most enormous weeds I've ever seen. Seriously, they were as tall as we were AND it was like a forest. I felt so bad because Anjelica was pulling thorns out of her legs and Allison had a rash on the back of her leg. Girls, I hope you are okay! Next time I try this location out, I'm suggesting to wear jeans and bring a machete knife. The weedy forest led to an old house that looked like it had caught on fire. It had lots of character. I'm so excited because I'm finding so many great locations for my portraits. This one is going in the book of favorite locations-with a mandatory rule of wearing jeans.
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Blogger Melvin Lee said...

Love the way the photoes are taken. Gives two beautiful ladies expression and life. Would have to learn some expert photography from you! Love this post

10:46 PM  
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