Cow paddies and Kayla

Moore pictures of Kayla on my blog header

This session was by far one of the most fun I'd had in a while. We went to her families dairy and got inside the cows pen to take the pictures. When you get close to the dairy, you smell the dairy air. (that sounds funny! lol)
The cows were a little shy and curious all at the same time. I had been planning this session ever since we knew I was taking her senior pictures. Her in a red dress with her black and white cows. It was awesome! We took pictures with hay stacks, and baby cows too, and the calf's were only a day old. They were so cute and would come close to you to get some sweet kisses.
We wore rain boots in the cow pen for a few of the pics, and then Kayla put on her nice white shoes for variety while in the cow pen. I tried helping her get the rain boots off, and putting the nice white shoes on. While doing so, I got poo on my hands. It was real nice I tell ya. Then, when we were done with the cows I thought I'd be nice and help her out of the pen by her hopping on my back. She jumped up and then I tried to lean over to pick up the cardboard she was standing on (so her shoes wouldn't get dirty) and when I leaned over and tried to come back up, we fell and she came down and I almost sat in a pile of poo. Oh my gosh I was so nervous that she had fallen into the poo. Thankfully she didn't, but she did get her shoes dirty.
Also, while I was walking around for the "right angle" I stepped in a freshly dropped cow paddy. It was really gross. What a fun experience! I absolutely loved it.