High School Friends

Last Sunday I headed to Tiffany's wedding shower (the cute one in the white and black polka-dot dress). You wouldn't believe all the stuff she got. She got something that I need to get too. It's a mixer bowl with a rubber outside so when you stir, it won't move around on you. Way cool right!
These are some of my friends that I went to school with way back when:
Tiffany and I met in jr. high. I've known her through many different hair styles and discovering her muscles in her arms. I totally think she got her dads muscles by the way. Her birthday was last Sunday as well. What a great way to celebrate-having a wedding shower on your birthday!
Betsy(Wynonna Rider look-a-like/petite) She and I went to elementary all the way to high school together. A memory I have of Betsy is in Mrs. Smither's class in 5th grad she dressed up as a boy for 50s day. I don't know why that is the memory that just popped in my head. Betsy do you remember taking care of the Iguana?
Ashley, cute blonde in back. She and I went to high school together and met in women's choir. She was a soprano and I was an alto. So the memory I have of Ashley...I'm sure you've guessed it already is one;she sings "one fine day" in this wierd accent (really funny), and then our camping trip to Palo Duro. Oh great memories.
Marci-well I actually don't know her. She is friends with Tiff and does hair at LIndsey's Salon on Glenna Goodacre and University. I'm excited to get to know her more when I go to Dallas for the bachelorette party.
Becca, another cute blonde in polka-dots. She and I met in jr. high, but I don't think we really started haning out until high school. We were also in choir together and also went on the Palo Duro camping trip. We woke up to turkey's gobbling. And we also have the same birthday-May 15th, which is coming up very soon!
Heather, the tall and beautiful. We met in high school and had English class together our jr year. Heather was very smart in our English class, and I was not so great. I took her engagement pictures almost 5 yrs ago when I was just starting out and I thought I knew what I was doing. I have really learned sooo much since then.
I had a blast with all you girls and I am so pumped for Dallas and hotel zaza



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