And the winners are....

Yep, I said winners-plural
Jennifer Bellah-a photographer in Lubbock, Tx (Jen doesn't have a site yet, but her friends have been trying to get her to get one)
Shawn Hodges-a photographer in Henderson, Tx

Jennifer is the winner from the camera strap contest. And Shawn is also a winner, because I have 60,000 plus hits on my blog and part of that was because of this contest. So thanks to these lovely ladies for playing along and congratulations on winning a very funky camera strap.

And thanks to EVERYONE who commented on my blog this week and on my Lexie post. It was so awesome to see all of the comments and you have built up my self-esteem to keep going and creating editorial images.

Jennifer and Shawn, please email at so I can get your home address. Also go and pick out which strap you want and I'll order it as soon as I hear back from you.

Thanks again. And keep coming back, because I'm doing this again. Who knows, you might be the next winner :)

And send your congrats to Jennifer and Shawn.


Blogger Sarah Holt said...

hahaha, I love the (..but her friends have been trying to get her to get one)!!!

You should all encourage Jen to show off her work. Because she is awesome!!! (She is probably working on that(?), but it is fun to "encourage..."), right?

This was a fun idea Cristy, You Rock!

Congrats Jennifer and Shawn!

6:38 PM  
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