Senior. Announcements

Yep, I'm already taking in orders for senior announcements. If you are a senior that has had a session with me, place your order soon and it will be one less thing to do when the hussel and bussel come around.
I am going for an Urban Outfitters design on the front of the cards.

Example below:



Anonymous Christine said...

Awesome!!! Soooo, does the FIRST commenter get entered MULTIPLE times?! ;-) As usual, I love these and you rock! The pink wall and the last pic are my faves.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Oooops! Sorry...reason #37 why I should not blog comment while in the company of cute children;-) I was being attacked by a 3 yr old pirate...scrolled too far, and thought that the photo in this post was the last one in the funky camera strap post! Sorry....(although I totally wondered how in the world I would be the first comment on that one!!)

7:16 PM  
Anonymous splendid said...


12:16 PM  
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