Marshmallow Trio Is HERE!!

Today was the big day...the big day of receiving the Marshmallow Trio from Dean and Deluca. The UPS guy drove up and I met him immediately at the door with a huge smile. (Yes, I ordered me some too. I couldn't resist.) I wanted to rip the box out of his hands and tear it open so I could indulge in the sweet, soft, and fluffy goodness. And let me say, they were sweet, soft, and fluffy and O SO GOOD. I made sure to chew slowly so ALL of my taste buds could have a taste. I didn't want to leave any of them out!!
I hope the lovely moms who also received them today enjoy them as much as I did and will in the next couple of weeks. I definitely plan on sharing too. So if you want one or two or three, let me know. Haley and Lenie, sweet friends of mine, will definitely be getting some. Everytime I bake a sweet dessert, those two girls ALWAYS get to try them out.

I am about to deliver one of the orders to a sweet lady here in Clovis and I can't wait for her to open the package.
Have a great Wednesday!

These are the peonies from my backyard! Gorgeous!



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Anonymous Stephanie Blumer said...


Those marshmallows were the BEST!!!! The coconut ones were to DIE for. I took some pictures of my wonderful mom opening them up. I will try to download and send a few to you!!! Thanks for selecting my mom. She was so excited!!! You are wonderful and I'm glad you are someone I would consider my friend.

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