Cruz.6 month old baby

Cruzie (the baby) is a sweet friend of mine, and so is his mom. She is the lovely Julia that has modeled for me and also does my hair. (look for the dark brown hair model) And she is also the one that introduced me to baby cakes. She took care of my white/gray roots on Monday praise the Lord!!

Cruz was due for his 6 month pictures, so Benson and I went over to their house for a little photo shoot. This was the first time I'd ever taken Benson with me to a session. I brought along his car to keep him company and Julia would blow bubbles for him too. I think he did a pretty good job. He was a little jealous Cruz was getting the attention, but I think he knows he holds a special place in my heart :)

Look at this cuteness. This was one of the first shots of the session.
Hello model baby
Sweet, sweet moment
He is still learning to sit up by himself, but he did this for us for about 5 seconds or so. Way to go Cruzie!
He is looking at his momma on this one. He LOVES his momma :)
Thanks Cruz and Julia for a fun afternoon!



Anonymous fotobug said...

100% baby model!!! Gorgeous lil boy! Love the black and white one and the sweet moment made me say 'ohhhhh ahhhhh' outloud. :o)

Cristy your talent is 'ohhhhh ahhhhhh.'


10:15 AM  

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