Douma Family

Little did I know how much fun I'd have with this family. Aren't they so cute? The little boy had me laughing and the twins were precious and the oldest daughter should be a model someday. The last two images are some of my favorites. I just bought new T-Bogs and I wanted one of my clients to try them out for me. She was the perfect subject. She is a spunky girl if you can't tell by her turquoise nail polish. And her personality totally fits the hat. I also have a newborn beanie and I can't wait to use that too. Thank you sweet girl for being my model and thank you Douma's for the fun evening.

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Blogger Studio 220 Photography said...

WOW!!!!!!!! MY... MY... Have you been busy or what???? Awesome work girl, I have looked at your 100 post and they all look great!!! Hope you are taking time for you and your husband!!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Cas said...

my sister got a T-Bog like ours ... i wore mine tonight to my "good-bye" dinner!! :) i LOVE them!!!

9:35 PM  

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