My new friend Patti Johnson expressed a few sweet words that I wanted to share with all of you...
Thank you so much for taking the fabulous program cover picture of the 2006-2007 Lady Wildcat Varsity Basketball Team. The lighting was perfect and the surroundings you picked were beautiful. You have a special gift! I was a little uneasy in the beginning, with the idea of all the girls in formal dresses. So were they!! I am so glad we trusted your professional judgment and put everything in your hands. The cover is breathtaking, and the girls had a blast working with you. I gave you minimal time to do the shoot and produce the cover because of our program deadline. You worked hard and got everything to me even before the deadline. You are so awesome to work with! Thank you again, you are very talented and we are fortunate to have worked with you. I look forward to you taking our family pictures.

Patti Johnson,
Clovis Lady Wildcat Boosters

Thank you Patti!


Anonymous Jennifer Vaca said...

your pictures are great and i was wondering if i could look at the other ones u took of me. u can e-mail me at thanx

9:51 PM  

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