Wowzers...look at those eyes

This girl is so photogenic! We did a few at my house, a local theater, and a public park. And again, another beautiful day, another beautiful girl.



Anonymous *Anjelica* said...

Kels u look beautiful!!! i love the one with the little things on ur face idk what they're called tho lol!!! The little diamond shaped things! Anyway these are beautiful!

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Kellsey said...

I love my pictures!!They turned out soooo good thank you. Before I forget I
picked out a song for my dvd slideshow. Its breathe by lifehouse I have the
cd at home if you cant find it. But I'm in cali so I g2g. ooo I hope your ok
after that horrible storm lastnight.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Heather* said...

aww kels your pics are amazing!!!!! you look simply stunning!! good job twisty cwisty!!

9:44 AM  

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