Crazy Week

Hello everybody! This week I am working on web galleries, senior sessions and I have two 1 yr old baby sessions. I have a total of 6 sessions this week and a total of 4 web galleries to put up. And then I have my daily life. I will be answering phone calls and emails, but please be patient as I am trying to get everything done and ordered and posted before I leave town. Thanks for keeping me busy everyone. I honestly didn't know what this business would be like and when I started out almost a year ago. I thought no one would come to me and I guess I was wrong, because I am busy every week. And I love it! Thanks to all of you who are keeping me busy.
SENIORS 2008 -And also, for all the seniors of 2008, I will be posting info soon about hiring you to work for me. I will give all the details and rules in the post to come. It will be for next school year and possibly in the summer.
Have a wonderful day!



Blogger Tiffany said...

Of COURSE you're're FABULOUS!!! Love you and hope to see your sweet face soon!

10:31 PM  

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