Lubbock Sessions

The weather was not what we had expected when this weekend sessions were scheduled. April is supposed to be sunny and warm temperature, right? Yesterday it was rainy and today it was snowing. I was a little bummed at first, but will all three sessions this weekend, I cant wait to share a few of the images with you. The weather this weekend did not stop us. It was awesome because it challenged me. I used video lighting, which I love for my bridal session and found new places to photograph for my engagement. And my senior was really brave, because she didn't change her outfits she had already planned to wear to match the weather. She kept the cute summer outfits on and braved the cold, numbing wind.
I had so much fun with my bride, her mom and fiance (jazz hands). I'm so glad we ended on J&B. That coffee was so good and I needed a little warmth flowing in my blood.
My senior session was so much fun too. She laughed majority of the time and was just so darn cute, and beautiful all at the same time. And thanks to her "friend" for coming along and helping out.
I had a blast with all of you. Keep checkin' for the sneak peek.

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