Photoshop school 101

Okay so I was trying to replicate this picture...I should've taken it in the shade though, but here is what I came up with
This is what it looks like in RAW in color
This is what it looks like in jpg with basic bw conversion (both images are the same)Here is the grn added from Channel Mixer. It looks good, but I want to add something to itI learned about feathering with the lasso, which I never feather and I used a little gauss blur and reduced the opacity. This was all done in my one on one with Kristin over "Hello". I wanted to make his face pop a little and I wanted the truck to be a little darker. But have detail in his tie and in the lower half of the image. Here is my final product. I think it still need something, but I needed to finish the rest of my work for the day.These are the two images from the first bw jpg conversion to the final product.
(final on left side)
I didn't do this on my own. Kristin helped me all the way through it. I'm sure she was getting tired of it. For the photo people reading this-I normally open my images up in RAW;do a little light and color tweaking; and then convert and save to jpg. Then I'll do photoshop stuff to them for the blog.
Kristin was like, "Girl what you doin"? And I was like "what are you talking about"? She said to just convert with the RAW info to jpg and don't do tweaking in Camera RAW. So I changed it up and I can't believe How different the images looked. It was so cool.
This took almost my whole afternoon, but I learned something very valuable today with the photoshop stuff.



Blogger kristinbednarz said...

You are soooo funny!

I'm thinking slumber party with the laptops needs to happen. It's so much easier to just show you in person. We really should have done that in Vegas, but gosh what didn't we do in Vegas! LOL

Great job on the recent work! I would gladly "hello" you a technique again sometime! LOL

9:47 PM  

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