Chris Session #2

taken at an old pizza hut building

Chris and I had a theme on this session. We were to include in most images a sign of some sort. And we found some really cool ones such as this gun shop. We also found a musiquera store with Betty Boop painted on the window. Another thing I noticed that we did without realizing it at the time was in several images we got the reflection of the clouds in the windows. And it was perfect for the blue and brown shirt he wore b/c the shirt resembled clouds.
I love having a theme when I shoot my sessions. I think this is something I'm going to have to do more often!
This session post is long over due, but here it finally is. I have sooo many more I need to post, and I promise that one day it will happen. There is so much to be done for all these seniors who are graduating this weekend :( and it is keeping me busy.

More than likely you will see your web gallery before you see your session posted on the blog.



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