Kimbery and Beau

This is Kimberly's "I don't like hair spray" face.

Love the rainbows

Kristin in action

I think this is some kind of interpretive dance

Aren't these dresses so beautiful?

Peggy, mother of the bride laughing as she gives Beau a present from Kimberly that she had prepared for her husband when she was in jr. high. It was a key to her heart! Awww!
Beau reading a sweet letter his lovely bride wrote him

Beautiful friends!

I love this photo!

Emily, sister-in-law to Kimberly

Peggy wiping Kimberly's arm pits for her. What a sweet mom!

Sweet girls praying to our sweet Lord.

Gary, father of the bride, waiting patiently in the hallway.

Sweet boys praying to our sweet Lord.

Matt Chandler, (not the one from Clovis) taking a peek at the guest with Beau waiting patiently

Mr. and Mrs. Beau Hughes

This is how the Thai people pose for pictures. Seriously!

first dance

What handsome guys and lovely girl! (the one in the middle is my brother)

Debbie was my bible study leader in high school (with her daughter Rachel)

Go April!

Shake it Peggy

Lovely Kate

Kimberly and I go back to when she was in jr high and I was in high school. There were four of us that hung out after church and were good friends growing up. It was me and Kimberly and then two other girls, one Kim's age and one was my age. Kimberly and I bonded well because we were so similar. We are both conservative, but love to have fun and very friendly. Our youth group used to hang out after church at "Chase A. Guy" park and play volleyball or basketball with our youth intern, Jon Matthews. Oh man sweet memories.

Going to this wedding was like a church reunion. I saw people there I hadn't seen in a while. It was so much fun! I was so blessed to be able to be there and shoot with Kristin for a friends wedding.

A few people that I got really excited about seeing were Faynel Davis, Debbie Hallobaugh, and Morgan Wiley. I had some fun times with these girls.

I will say I never knew Peggy was such a great dancer! It was fun just watching her move around the dance floor. And Gary, you did a great job giving Kimberly away. Your words were perfect.

It was a beautiful, beautiful wedding!



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good glory cristy, this wedding is beautiful too! you did such an awesome job!

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