Sweet Kristin

(this is what a 16-35mm wide angle lens does to your arms)

I got a sweet email from Kristin this morning and it just made my day. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing.

Like I have stated in other posts' I have my first wedding this weekend (Holly Glenn and Dennis Stockstill).

"Good Luck this weekend! You will do great! They are so lucky to have you to do this for them. Most of all, remember, that it is NOT about the "perfect" photo and what you think will impress other's about the couple and those moments that are most precious to them. That's why I know you will do great! You have the heart for the job! Love,kristin"

If you know Kristin, then you know what a wonderful person she is. She is also the queen of information. That could be about photography or clothing or life in general. If you don't know her you need to visit her blog and see what she is all about. kristin's blog

She let me tag along at a wedding of hers, and the bride just so happened to be a church friend from the good 'ol days. Thanks to her and Lauren Clark for letting me tag along at their weddings so that I would be prepared for this weekend.



Blogger kristinbednarz said...


Don't you know the golden rule girl?

CONVERT! CONVERT to BW! When you are standing next to "2o-something", convert your photo to BW.


I know you will ROCK this weekend!


12:48 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Y'all look so cute!!!! And really LONGGGGGG!!! HAHA! Good luck this're gonna do fabulous dahhling!

3:29 PM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

I knew you would think that. But I noticed your pics with Steph and they are in color. You look gorgeous Kristin!

Toni-I know, we do look really really long. Ha!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

You will be amazing! Look at all your work in just the last month! We are lucky to have you as a photographer but more importantly as a friend! See you soon! (1 week to be exact) Love ya girl! Tif

6:06 AM  

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