So, two weeks ago I did Kaci's first senior session. I went out to her house and met her mom, best friend, dog and horse. The funny thing about the dog is she is a doxin (i think that's how you spell it) and she looves to eat the horses poop and hoofs. It's really funny, because she is so tiny and hangs out in the horse pin as if she was one of them.
Kaci was geared up with all kinds of cute outfits and fun accessories. Check out her cool necklace combo she put together. If you have a session with me this fall, be ready for the wind...
Kaci with her baby...
Look at those chompers! I think someone goes to the dentist!

Thanks Kaci for an awesome time and willingness to do anything!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i like the one with the sun in the back ground it is good

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay im super excited these are up! lol i totally love the one with duke and his teeth haha its super funny! thanks for an awesome session cant wait for the one in the spring!kaci

4:15 PM  
Anonymous *anjelica said...

Omg these pics of Kaci are so good! I really think she looks beautiful in all of these pictures! Great job again Cristy!! And way to be a super good model Kaci!

9:27 AM  
Blogger SarahRachel said...

These are awesome. That first one is so perfect.

10:57 PM  
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