Beautiful beauties

These lovely ladies were a sweet bunch of girls. As you see, they all have beautiful hair and wind was a concern for us. We had rescheduled one time before because of the weather and we were hoping this day would work in our favor. For about 30 minutes we were good, no wind or rain. Then the wind picked up like crazy, the girls hair was swirling all over their faces and by the end of the session it started to rain. It was fun and adventurous for me, because I had to think on my feet and find locations that would block the wind for us. And I found two new spots! Yay! This taught me that I may have a plan for what needs to happen, but God has a different plan, and a better plan.

If you are a Twin Cronnies fan, go grab a drink and tell Emily and Rachel you saw them on the blog. If you do this, I will give them free pictures. Ya think they will give me a free cherry, vanilla, creme, sprite? :)

Part of this session was for Emily's senior pics too

After it rained, look what God put in the sky! A sweet promising rainbow.

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Blogger Dennis Bullock said...

These are fantastic Cristy! What a fun time!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Ramie Babcock said...

Hey! I think I know one of your beauties?! You'll have to email me, but I swear I know the girl in the pastel blue shirt...or else she has a twin near houston! Did she go to SHSU by chance?

1:07 AM  

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