I've known Caitlin since she was a sophomore in high school and I never thought I'd be taking her senior pictures already. I think her junior year just flew right on by. I remember meeting her at our church youth group and afterwards she and Jadee (another sweet girl) thought I was goofy for coming up to them and saying hi. I've been taught to be extra friendly to people and I think that scared them a little bit-hehe, sorry girls. Well needless to say, these girls also were in mine and Ben's FCA small group and we got to know them extremely well. I became close with these two girls (Caitlin and Jadee) and it makes me sad to know they are already growing up and graduating next year.
I guess I will stop reminiscing and show you the favorites already...Caitlin all grown up.

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Anonymous jadee said...

Hey Cristy! Your story made me laugh and almost cry! I LOVE Caits pictures, you're so good at capturing everyones natural beauty! Every single one was gorgeous! You're truely talented! Love ya girl!

~Jadee Bird~

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Ben said...

My favorite picture is the one of the wood pile. However, I feel as if I have a duty to inform everyone that wood piles may house rodents. These rodents may very well carry the bubonic plague. One bite from these rodents and you may become infected. The bubonic plague, otherwise known as "The Black Death" is no fun. So let's please be careful out there!!!! Oh and by the way, great pictures Caitlin and Cristy!!

2:23 PM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

What in the world! Ben you are so random and goofy. love you, muah

2:57 PM  

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