I felt so special...

I had a great weekend of sessions. My last session for the evening on Saturday was an engagement session. They drove in from Lubbock just for our session. Just that alone makes me feel special, but even more so was the awesome surprise gift they gave me.
Tara and Zach you both are so cool! These two are so thoughtful. After our session, they handed me this huge basket full of my favorites. ( I have them listed on my website so people will get to know me better) And not to mention, the basket was put together by my favorite candy store, the Candy Wrapper in the Lubbock mall. There were hot tamales, gushers, sour patch kids, a variety of minty and fruity gum, my favorite scent from bath and body works-Sensual Amber in foam soap, moisturizing soap, antibacterial soap, lotion, shower gel, and a candle. AND laffy taffy! (as a kid I grew up eating laffy taffy-I love to read the O so cheesy jokes). Oh, and a cute pedicure set.
When they gave this to me I cried a little and gave them a big hug, because no one has ever given me something like this before. And it was so well thought out and planned. It was just what I needed. It hit the spot big time.
Before I tore into it, I took some pictures to show it off...

Thank you thank you thank you Tara and Zach. You are such a blessing.

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Blogger Brittany Strebeck said...

that's amazing! what sweethearts... you most definitely deserve it :)

5:19 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

YOU are most certainly welcome!! We enjoyed every single minute of our session and cant wait to do it again. You deserved it..and so much more!!!!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Ben said...

I too enjoy the laffy taffy! Cristy is nice enough to share. I love the smell of sensual amber (uhhh, you know in a manly way)!! Thanks Tara and Zach for making my wife's day!

5:01 PM  

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