Straight up now tell me...

Four (4) things I did today…
Danced with Benson
Made crispy onion chicken and rice for dinner
ate hot tamales
watched Benson roll over, and over and over-yay!

Four (4) things on my to do list
rest my back ( my baby is getting heavy)
remind Ben we have been together (including dating) for 8 years
get ready for my family session on Saturday
finish another wedding album

Four (4) of my guiltiest pleasures…
eating candy and chocolate cake
watching "Days of Our Lives"
getting back massages

Four (4) random facts about me…
I have white hairs on my head, and I've had them since high school-no lie!
I had reddish hair when I was a little girl
I was on the swim team in high school for two weeks, then I had dreams of drowning so I quit
I live in a 60 year old house

Thanks Lauren Clark for tagging me.
I am tagging:
Brittany Strebeck
Shan Renee
Jasmine Star



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