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I am back, placing orders and returning phone calls and emails. I had a great time off around Christmas and New Years with family and I feel well rested and ready to go again. Ben, Benson and I went to Ruidoso last week and got back last night for a little family vacation. It was so nice and relaxing not to mention beautiful. We stayed in a friends amazing cabin that looked out onto the mountains and deer in our backyard leaving us deer poop everywhere. My parents were able to come down as well. We hung out playing Scategories, playing with Benson, shopping, drinking yummy Honey Chai Lattes from Misty Mountain, running into friends and clients while there, and putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle with each piece having an edge. Now that may not sound all that difficult, but I'd like to see you put one together. It took all four of us to complete it in three days without anyone going insane. We also watched a bunch of movies and took walks. My mom and I collected a bunch of pine cones for a craft project I'm going to do (an idea I got from Anthropologie). We ate at Michelena's, Lincoln County Grill, and La Sierra. And for a couple of nights we made Cavetini (Cross family recipe-so good) and Baked Potato soup and a sandwich. We are old fogies though, because we didn't stay up for midnight to come around. Plus there was no cable to watch the ball drop. I figured it would come around with or without us. Oh, also my mom and I worked on our stockings. We are making our stockings from a stocking kit made by Bucilla. I had no idea how intense it would be, but I have one from my childhood so I wanted to have one for our little family too. Hopefully by next year I will have Benson's made.

All around we had a great, relaxing time and I wish we didn't have to get back to reality, but so is life. I hope you had a great Christmas break with family and friends too. Leave a comment and let me know what you did for the holidays. I'd love it hear about it :)


Blogger Ramie Babcock said...

We traveled to Dallas for 2 days and came home just in time for Santa to arrive--check out the videos of Jackson on his blog:

Then we ATE and ATE and ATE--and played a fun game with the family called Whoonu--very interesting and fun! For NYE, we took Jackson and went to a friends house to see the ball drop. Jackson had his own champ. glass filled with sparkling grape juice--very funny! Our friend tried to poor champ in his glass and he said "No. No. I can't have dat kind!" HA! Good boy!

I miss NM! We lived in Las Cruces and would go to Ruidoso alot...and Cloudcroft...oh, I miss it!

Happy 2009!!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie Blumer said...

We stayed home and did NOTHING!!! It was GREAT!! I'm glad to hear that you had a nice vacation with your family. Michelina's in Ruidoso is my favorite place to eat!! My husband had to work so we just hung out together in front of our fireplace and didn't ring in the new year, we fell asleep. I hope you'll share your pine cone craft idea from anthropologie;-)Our family wishes your family a great 2009!!

5:40 PM  
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