Craftiness is Therapy

Before I started my business 2 1/2 years ago, I always did crafty projects. Now all of my "crafty" and creative mind goes toward taking pictures for clients and business ideas and not towards personal fun, random things. However, this Christmas has made me super excited to do crafty projects. I think it is because I am so excited for Benson's first Christmas. I know he won't understand it just yet, but it will be special for Ben and I.

My craft projects I've worked on lately are different ways to wrap Christmas presents. The images below are Christmas presents I wrapped with orange tissue paper, old book pages, hemp, and a plastic bag. I made a fun pom pom using the plastic bag too. I've been on a pom pom kick this week and thought I'd try it with a plastic bag :) I think it turned out really cute. I tried it with the hemp string too, but it didn't work quite as well.

Another gift I wrapped using Anthropologies gift box (with a fun anthro gift inside-can't say what it is though b/c it is for someone who I know reads this blog), and then some fun yarn my friend Danica bought me two years ago, then made a pom pom out of the yarn.

Then this is the yummy Green Chile Stew from Taco Box in Clovis. It is SO good. I'm not much of a green chile fan, but this is an exception. I put it in our new fun bowl from anthropologie and it is sitting on my tuffet (like Miss Muffet).

I hope this Christmas season is putting you in a fun and creative mood too. Have a wonderful Sunday night.


Blogger Dani and Greg said...

You just get better and better...

8:29 PM  
Blogger Olive & Pearl Handmade said...

love the wrapping ideas, love em all ;)

11:36 PM  

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