Christina and Jeff. Engagement

Clovis has a beautiful secret garden with the greenest grass this town has ever seen. I walked into the garden to find Christina sitting comfortably on Jeff's lap as they waited for me to arrive. Immediately meeting these two, you could tell they were ment for each other. They were flirty and sweet to one another as I asked them questions of how they "found" each other. And ya know how they met? On myspace. They said when people would ask in the past of how they met, they would say at Applebees (b/c that is where they first met face to face), but wouldn't say anything about myspace. Who needs Eharmony when you have myspace, right? No need to be shy of how they met when the connection is THIS good...

This image makes me melt. Look at how gorgeous she is!

And these were at the Underground Embassy in Clovis. All the art work you see in the back is from Drew Merritt.
And they wondered if they were doing the whole posing thing right. This was natural for them, and I LOVED it.
I love this picture b/c he looks like her protector
He loves her, he loves her, he loooooves her
Hair,makeup and stylist props go to her sister: Shannon Cook at Solutions Clovis, NM



Anonymous fotobug said... I looked at this session I was thinking.....'ohhh, that's my favorite, no that's my favorite, wait that one, now this one'

Brain overload.

Outstanding session Cristy! <3 them all.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Christina said...


Love at first sight... that's all I can say about these photos!! They're absolutely beautiful! I especially love the first and last ones you posted... they're gorgeous!! You're awesome, and Jeff and I can't wait to see the rest :)

Thanks for making us look good,


7:47 AM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

Thanks Sarah. You are always so uplifting :)
Christina, I'm so glad you like them. They are some of my all time favorites. I normally only pick 2-3, but I couldn't do it this time. Too many favorites. Thanks for calling with your sweet msg saying how much you like them :)

5:36 PM  
Blogger brianna saban said...

these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are truly an artist cristy.


11:38 AM  
Anonymous brandi p said...

CHRISTY!!! the color in these images is RAVISHING! im inspired!

1:23 PM  
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