Playing Dress Up

My mom, cousins and I went down to my grandmother's house a few weeks back to help her get ready for a garage sale. I wasn't much help because I found some great treasures and I had to try them all on. I was the entertainment for the afternoon. And I love to play dress up, even at the age of 25.
This is a hat from my grandmothers closet.
She used to wear hats to church every Sunday, and if you didn't wear a hat then you were not cool.

I feel like I could be Carmen San Diego in this hat. Isn't she/he a spy? Well maybe I should say, I look like I could be a spy or a detective. Or on vacation Florida.

This dress is very special. My grandad fought in World War II and when he was there he bought this dress for his future bride. He didn't know who she was going to be either. And then he met my grandmother. 60 years later she still has this dress in her closet. I only wore it for a second because it was so delicate and I didn't want to hurt it.

This lovely cake topper hat was a Sunday hat my grandmother wore to church. It is like a Jackie Kennedy hat.

This shinny jacket reminds me of something Michael Jackson would wear. I kept it because I could use it for skits.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I took a picture anyways. The necklace I'm wearing is from my great aunt, Canna. I love old jewelry. Especially when it is an heir loom.


Anonymous Becca said...

I love these photos Cristy! :) They're amazing! You look like you're having a blast!! I had the same "problem" when I had to clean out my great grandma's house after she passed away. I hope you had a blast ;)

1:05 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

What a cutie! It sure is fun being married to this goofy gal!!!!

10:58 PM  
Blogger laurenclark said...

Cristy, you are so funny. You will be famous someday and I will save these pictures and pull them out when you are speaking at Texas School:)

3:37 PM  
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