New things to come

So I went to Kelly Moore's seminar on Monday in Houston. I think she is one of the sweetest people. I'm inspired by her for two reasons. One, she is a Christian. She gives her business and talent to God and knows that He is providing for her. And two, she is a very talented and edgy photographer. I learned marketing tips, more lighting techniques and the ability to have no fear and to break the rules every now and then. So for those of you who are future clients, be ready because I'm going to try and give you something more edgy. I'm going to go to places I've never been to and I'm going to try some new stuff that she taught me. This is challenging me to do this since I'm writing this on the blog. So hold me to it!
My prices are going to be changing in January. Don't worry though, it is good and you get more stuff. I'm going to be including a coffee table book to one of my sessions. These coffee table books are very cool and worth having. Trust me. For Christmas I have a long list of photography equipment and accessories that I would like to get. I' m really excited! I just ordered more business cards too. I've been out of cards at most of my locations and I barely have any left in my purse. I'm staying busy putting up the web galleries for all of you. Thanks for being patient with me with the crazy holiday season coming up on all of us. It will be here before we all know it. Stay tuned for new sessions.



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