The Coolest Tees Ever!

Me-being super excited about my new Cristy Cross Photography hoody

My parents sporting the cool tees
back of tee
Intensely looking at myself in my new tee

Poserwear out of Lubbock, TX did my tees. He did an awesome job and I'm so stinkin' excited to wear them in Vegas. If you ever need cool shirts printed up, you should give Coby a call at 806.535.3771

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love them girl!!!! you are so funny!! and full of personality!! can't wait to meet you in person!!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

very cute! all I could think about while looking at them is how soft and comfy Coby's shirts are! So there doublely great cause they're comfy!

2:42 PM  

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