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I am going to a photography seminar in Las Vegas, NV!!
I am so excited!! I am starting to do weddings, and this place is going to give me some awesome info on how to shoot a wedding, and I'll be learning from really awesome and well known photographers such as Laura Novak, The Bebbs, Dave and Quinn, John Michael Cooper, and The Boutwells. I will be able to use all the wonderful and exciting info towards my portraits, weddings, and business side of CCP. Click on the photographer names above to check out their work. Awesome stuff.
I am also going to Las Vegas with some other photographer friends.
Lauren Clark and Kristin Bednarz (click on their names to see their cool stuff too). Two very cool people. I've never actually met Kristin, but I feel like I totally know her because we talk via internet. So pumped I can barely stand it.
So all this to say, I won't be here March 26-30th. If you need anything ordered before then, give me a call or order through your web gallery and I'll get it to you.
Thanks friends-I can't wait to go and learn more about photography!


Blogger kristinbednarz said...

Hey, "roomie". This is going to be so much fun! I'm just worried about my brain being on overload for a week! LOL

See you soon and then we can finally "meet". LOL

7:34 AM  

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