Fine Art

Guess what? I have a peonies bush growing in my backyard. And along with poppies and tulips, peonies are my faaavvvoriite flower. I was so excited when I saw them blooming I cut the blooms off and put them in vases around my house. The funny thing is, when we moved into this house in the summer this bush had no blooms and I had no idea what kind of plant it was. My dogs kept running over the leaves so my husband decided to simply chop it out of the ground, which I was totally fine with because I didn't know what it was. This spring little green leaves were sprouting up from the ground and before I knew it ,I had a peonies bush. Yeah!
I am selling this image for your home as a fine art piece if you are interested. Give me a call and we can put in on a gallery wrap! 505.219.9312



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