Dusty & Andi

I will be out of the office until next week visiting family in Iowa. If you have placed an order in the last two days, I will fill those orders when I get back and get them to you as soon as possible.
Please leave me a message if I'm not able to answer the phone, and I will return you call lickity split when I get home.

Okay, business duties done...time to share some fun

I wanted to share with you the session I've been working on this evening. After bible study with some super fun girls I came home, had a yummy swiss grilled cheese sandwich Ben made for me, got my tunes and podcasts ready on my ipod, and worked on editing images for the web galleries.

This is a session I did last Tuesday of Dusty and Andi, a couple from Georgia. I would love to post more, but I'm on a time crunch so I can only post this one for now. It seems appropriate to post this with 4th of July wishes because Dusty is in the military and left last Thursday (I forget where exactly). Andi and Dusty got married the Friday before he left, and then we took what were to be engagement pictures on Tuesday. Since they decided to go ahead and get married before he left, we got to do engagement pictures as well as "the day after" photos. I loved it! I haven't done any "the day after" sessions yet so I was pumped. They were an awesome couple to work with and I felt so special by Andi's enthusiasm towards me taking their pictures.

When I get back to my computer next week, I'll post some more...




Anonymous Brittany Autrey said...

Thanks for letting me go along while you took Dusty & Andi's pictres. They look amazing.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Dusty said...

I just want to thank you again for doing the pictures on such short notice. This is an amazing picture of my wife.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Brittany Strebeck said...

ooo i like. i can't wait to see the rest!

9:07 AM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

brittany A- thanks for being such wonderful help in assisting me on this session. I had lots of fun.
dusty-Thanks for coming from Georgia for your pictures. And for letting me experiment with you and Andi.
Brittany S-I'm playing catch up, but will get them up...sometime hopefully soon

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Andi said...

I thought you were gonna post more than one picture of us =( We are the only people with just one....

11:06 AM  

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