SneakPeek.Bonestroo Sisters

This is sort of a family portrait in a way. The cool looking driver, is their dad. And I bet you wouldn't even guess the age of the glamorous girl in the front. Lets just say she's younger than ya think.

I can't wait to show more, but for now this will have to tie you over.

I just got back today with Benson from a wedding in Lubbock and my awesome sweet friend, Brittany Strebeck helped me out as a second shooter. I enjoyed it so much!
I'm a little bit tired though, because Benson woke up about five times last night and he never does that. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. So this was kinda weird for him to wake up so many times. Then I had to drive back home to Clovis, which is an hour and a half from good 'ol Lubbock. Thanks to Joel Osteen for keeping me awake and keeping me on the positive side of life, I didn't fall asleep. My mom bought me his latest book on CD and it's so good.
One thing I'll leave you with for now: If you dream it and believe it, it will be made true.

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Blogger aric alan | photography said...

you don't even know how in love with this picture i am!! It's AMAZING!!!


9:21 AM  
Anonymous sara k blanco said...

i LOVE this image! i visit your blog very now and then and decided it was about time i leave a your work!

3:53 PM  

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