Introducing my new ride :) I love to name my cars, but I'm not sure on the name yet. Any suggestions?

Look at how shiny the car is with my reflection in it. I am so excited!

Yea!! We have wanted to get one of these for almost two years now, and finally the Lord provided. Ben's jeep is 13 yrs old and has had lots of problems this year so we thought this was the time to get a new car. I will be driving the FJ and he will take over the Denali.


Blogger ginger ivey said...

How fun!!! Allen has sort of been hinting at how many miles are on my car...but I just don't want a car payment--i haven't had one for over 4 yrs and my bug has been good to me!
Anyway, congrats on the new car!!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

Congrats, that is super exciting!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Andrew and Mercy said...

Toyota's are great, we just got a new one too! We have baby's together, get new cars together, notice a trend? What are we going to do next?
Congrats on your cool new car!

1:09 PM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

hahaha mercy your so funny. And that is so true! hmmmm...what will be next.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

So, so exciting!!! I've thought that those were just the cutest since they came out! Congratulations!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Sara Bradshaw said...

Hey there!! I love those! I had one just like this until about 3 weeks ago. I traded it for a new pickup!! I name my cars too and mine was named Rosa!! I like the spanish names....go figure!! haha! How about....Benita! will have a Ben, Benson and Benita!! It's perfect!!=)

5:17 PM  
Blogger Sarah Holt said...

Awesome!! Congrats!

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Lauren Zaffos said...

Congrats! God is so good. For the name, you could always stick with the acronym, like Fancy Jane, or Flashy Jackie...:)

9:37 AM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

OMG Lauren I was totally thinking in that direction. The first words that came out of my mouth yesterday were Franklin James. I don't know why, but that is the direction I'm going. The FJ direction.
You are so great :)

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you finally got one!
My dad loves his so I'm sure you'll love yours!
Enjoy it!!
Stephanie Pierson

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Ali G said...

saweeeeeeeet new ride!!!

12:37 AM  
Blogger Annie Reid said...

Me and my girlfriend, Mati, both have FJ's and we call ours "Polly". Our girls named them after Polly Pockets, the tiny little barbie type dolls that have rubber clothes. Anyway, the girls think the FJ's look like the Polly Pocket beach mobile, so that's the name for ours! Every time we pass one on the road, they'll scream "there goes a polly pocket car!" Is your car a boy or a girl...because Polly's boyfriend is Ron. So you could consider that...also, I'll have to get back with you because Polly has best friends and I'm not for sure all their names..except for one, Laila, I think! haha I'll let you know! Have fun cruisin'.....

10:47 PM  
Blogger The everyday said...

How awesome! Those are so neat, I'm sure you'll love it! I've got new car envy...I miss that smell!

10:38 AM  

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