Going to Lubbock

Danica had her baby girl, Marlys Jane and they are both doing great. When telling their three year old son Max about his baby sister arriving today, he said"okay" and ran off to play on the playground at school. Little does he know his life will be changing, but I'm sure he will get over it as he gets more used to her being in "his" house and in "his mommies arms." Thanks so much for your prayers for her delivery. Marlys is a healthy baby girl and couldn't be cuter. Danica and Greg were saying tonight how blessed they feel with two wonderful kids. Praise God :)
I am headed to Lubbock on Tuesday to see my best friend, Danica (above) who is having her second baby. Pray for her labor and delivery please. We want a happy and healthy baby and mommy :)

Some things I'm working on:

Filling orders

packaging orders

Christmas card orders

Coffee table books (6)

web gallery

I will return to these tasks above on Thursday.

Have a great Tuesday and Wednesday!


Anonymous Lauren Zaffos said...

Yay for babies and for Lubbock. We should do lunch. I will pray for a speedy delivery for Danica and a beautiful healthy baby!

6:11 AM  

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