I am a multi-tasker...or so I try to be

(sometimes I feel like this is me)

Today I have been working, in my pajamas, on Christmas orders and Christmas cards, either placing an order or designing the cards. It has been busy busy at this tired computer. If you have an order with me, I am working on them all and will have most of them done this week. I have some orders that are HUGE and will take a while, so please be patient.
While I am trying to do my work, I am also having to make sure Benson doesn't get stuck under the coffee table or pull on electric cords, or the dogs tail. He is crawling every where and wants every thing. He cries when he can't have the dogs food and when I won't let him slam the doors shut. Poor little guy. It's tough being the baby. He really is a wonderful baby; he's just at the stage now where he wants to get in and do everything :) Gotta love that little guy.
All this to say, I feel a little crazy today, but it's a swell day :)


Anonymous jamielea said...

You're doing a great job as mommy and photographer. I wish we were still there and Ansley and I could come play with Benson, Bailey, and Chevy while you work. :)

10:37 PM  
Blogger Sarah Holt said...


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