Happy Birthday Benson...and Abe Lincoln

So today was Benson's first birthday. I woke up at 7 am this morning and remembered that last year at this time I was sitting in the hospital waiting to be induced and for Benson to enter into this world. Around 12 noon, I then remembered they were getting ready to give me an epidural and start petocin. I was a little nervous and very excited for what the day had in store for me. As I keep having flashbacks to a year ago on this very day, I enjoyed every waking minute I had with Benson today. Watching him play with the dogs and Chevy licking his face for the millionth time and playing with his blocks and shapes launching them across the room. He received a few more bumps and bruises today as he explored more and more and continuously discovers new things. I loved watching him today and just realizing all the things he has accomplished in one year. He has been walking with the assistance of holding on to his radio flyer wagon, and holding on to the couch walking sideways. He loves to find small tight places to fit in and play peek-a-boo with me. He laughs so hard when I tickle his chubby legs and you can barely see his eyes when he smiles. A special moment I really loved today was him climbing on me and laying his head down next to mine and smiling so big and laughing like we were playing a game. I love the innocence of my sweet boy and I selfishly don't want him to grow up. These past two days he has been adament on not wanting to lay down while getting his diaper changed, and well today he stuck his foot in his poopy diaper while I was trying to change him. I eventually had to side hold him in one arm while cleaning him off hoping I wasn't making more of a mess. I little bit of me was frusturated, and then I just starting laughing. I mean I've never wiped his booty that way before. I'm learning you have to be creative to get something done with a squirmy child. The day goes on and finally 5:58 pm comes around, the exact time he was born and I had a little emotional cry. We are so blessed with Benson. Words can't describe how blessed we are . If he would let me, I would kiss him all day long on his sweet fluffy lips and chubby cheeks. Benson is a gift from God and every night we thank God for him.



Anonymous Meg said...

You have a little Valentines baby too! Happy birthday to your little man- and thanks so much for the blog love. Your work is great!!

1:40 PM  

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