More Dallas Weekend

Some of the girls colorful shoes

A phot guy that took polaroids and would sell them for $15 a piece

Elton John

Top: Marsi, Ashley, Tiff, Becca, Ashley, Heather
Bottom: Jamie, Betsy, Me

Meet Ashley-She owns Ribbons and Bows in Lubbock

Starting off our weekend we went to Jake's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. They were the best hamburgers I've had in a long time. I had a hickory burger with swiss cheese and it came on a poppyseed bun that was nice and fluffy. Oh and I had sweet potato fries too! Is your mouth watering?

Remind me to tell you about our stay in Hotel Zaza sometime. One of the most gorgeous hotels I've ever stayed at with damask printed curtains that were two stories tall in the foyer. Everything about that hotel was very elegant and sophisticated.

I haven't laughed like I did this past weekend in a long time and it was much needed. A girls got to have a break with her girlfriends every now and then and I'm so glad Tiffany invited me to join them on her bachelorette weekend.

This weekend was so much fun and relaxing. I didn't have to do my hair or makeup very much because Marsi is a hair stylist and she did my hair ocassionally, and Ashley (blonde) did my makeup. Ashley (brunette) and Tiffany are also equipped in the hair and makeup department. Tiffany works at Ribbons and Bows and does makeup and facials.

A few places you must visit when in the Dallas area:

Hotel Zaza

Jake's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Cheesecake Factory-A Must!

Platiya-clothing store in West Village (really cute trendy clothes for a low price)

West Village (shopping square)

Bread Winners-restaurant



Anonymous Anonymous said...

omgoodness!! i can't believe that photo guy is still around... he was there years ago when we would go to West End!! looks like you guys had fun!

7:58 AM  
Blogger marsi said...

Yay for Dallas...Good times, Great Oldies! Thanks for the hair shout out! Those pics turned out great! You are definitely my new photographer!

7:42 PM  
Blogger SarahRachel said...

Cristy, that looks like such a blast!! I think it's so amazing how long ya'll have been friends! =) Love it. And this makes me want to have another bachelorette party!

9:27 PM  
Blogger cristy cross said...

Marsi is an awesome hair stylist as well as Whitney-they both work at Linsdey's in Lbk by the university.

11:15 PM  
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