Thank You

I just want to say thank you so much to my senior and non-senior ambassadors for your wonderful help today.
Jadee came over and delivered on foot a 12x12 image (one of five) for When You Have Everything for their new location in the mall. And then came back to my house to enter in client data for me.

Then the Schaap's were over to order pictures and their oldest daughter, took over Jadee's job after she left and entered in more client data. For her hard work ( and maybe a little bit of begging) I gave her a Cristy Cross Photography t-shirt.

Then Amanda came over and she packaged my Clovis Christian Grad orders, which they are ready so come and get them. And then called a few clients to let them know their orders were ready, and then hand delivered orders to my clients. We like to make sure and cater to your every needs here at Cristy Cross Photography. (almost every need)
Then she organized my magazines, and I have a TON of them.

While Amanda did her job, Kayla finished up client data entries after Schaap sister left.

If you girls only knew how long it has taken me to try and finish or even start these jobs! And now I'm done thanks to all of you.

I'm really enjoying this senior ambassador help.

Thank you lovely girls!