Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone. This morning we started off waking up late. I'm talking two hours late! Benson didn't wake up, we didn't wake, and there were no dogs needing to go tinkle at 7 am. So we just kept snoozin' away. It was great!
Then we made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast for Benson and played all morning long. It was an awesome morning with little B and big B.
Then for lunch, we had Bills Jumbo Burgers with the best breaded onion rings ever and the best dr. peppers with the best ice ever. Then more play time with the family in our living room, aka Benson's play pin.
Then for dinner we had a little Miky Ds chicken nuggets. I know it wasn't the healthiest day of eating but it was fun fun quality time with the family :)
I also had to work a little bit today, but it was so much fun. Mrs. Clovis has asked me to take her pictures for the Mrs. New Mexico Pageant. Here is a fun one we did from today...


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